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We love breakfast here at Lazy Daisy's, but we also love brunch too, which is why our Farmstead Faves menu is one of our personal favourites! With the best-fried chicken and mac and cheese in Toronto and the GTA, you can find no better brunch menu than ours. 



Juicy, crispy, spicy fried chicken served with a hearty helping of Daisy’s Mac n’ Cheese, a toasted Garlic & Asiago buttermilk biscuit and Signature Side Salad.


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A hearty helping of gooey cheesy
deliciousness. Served with a signature side salad and toasted garlic & asiago buttermilk biscuit

+ 3 slices smoked bacon $4.95

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Mixed greens, tomatoes, avocado, carrot, beets & roasted sunflower seeds, tossed in our house made vinaigrette.

+ naturally-raised roast chicken breast $4.95

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Lip smackers! Perfectly seasoned n’ crispy on the outside with a pillowy potato perfection on the inside.

+ chipotle, garlic or plain mayo .75₵

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Find out more about this part of our breakfast and brunch menu below. 

Farmstead Faves Menu at Lazy Daisy's Cafe

The Farmstead Faves part of our menu is a culmination of classic comfort food made with the highest quality, locally-sourced ingredients. Whether you're looking for gooey macaroni and cheese or just a side of crispy on-the-outside fries, you'll find something you love in this collection.


Farmstead Fave Options

The menu options in this selection are varied and a little different from the rest of our classic breakfast dishes. We've broken them down below to help you get to know them better.


Due South: First up, we have this combination of juicy, crispy spicy fried chicken. We serve it with a hearty helping of our Mac n' Cheese, a toasted garlic and asiago buttermilk biscuit, and a fresh side salad. Whether you use the biscuit to make a fried chicken sandwich or add pieces of fried chicken to our gooey Mac n' Cheese, this is a fan-favourite!

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Lazy Mac N' Cheese: We all know that the ultimate comfort food is Mac n' Cheese, which is why we serve our delicious and gooey serving with our signature side salad and a toasted garlic and asiago buttermilk biscuit. And if you want to add some smokiness to this cheesy dish, you can add three slices of Mennonite smoked bacon.

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Harvest Salad: For a lighter option, the Harvest Salad includes a range of farm-fresh greens, beets, carrots and sesame seeds tossed in our house vinaigrette. If you want to add protein, you can load it up with naturally-raised chicken breast.

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Side O' Fries: Whether you're adding them to one of our classic breakfast options, or you're just looking for a snack, our seasoned and crispy fries taste as delicious as they sound.

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What Ingredients Do You Use in the Farmstead Faves Selection?

As always, our ingredients are fresh, local, and seasonal. We're all about real food at Lazy Daisy's, so we've given preservatives and additives the kick, and only offer fresh, homemade cooking in our cafe.

We have a range of incredible suppliers, most of whom are small, local vendors. We're committed to giving back to our community, and this is just one of the ways we do it.

Suppliers include Sanagan's Meat Locker, located just next door to us and one of the best butchers in Toronto (and we're not the only ones saying so!), as well as Gemaro Bakery, which creates gluten-free artisan bread and desserts.

Find out more about our suppliers here.


What is Different About Lazy Daisy's?

So, why should you us today?

Well, to begin with, we're committed to bringing the fresh and delicious flavours of the farm to the city. We want you to experience the joy of home-cooked, farm-fresh food, even in the middle of Toronto.

All of our dishes are tasty, and delicious, and use high-quality ingredients. We champion small businesses and local vendors and don't use anything artificial in our dishes.

We're also well known for our warm and friendly environment. We strive to create a home away from home for all of our customers, and we cater to everyone. This includes a range of dietary needs, like vegans, those who are gluten-free, and more.

For delicious breakfast and brunch foods, you can't go wrong when you come to Lazy Daisy's.


For the Best Mac and Cheese in Toronto, Come Down to Lazy Daisy's Today

If you'd like to know more about our Farmstead Faves or dishes on the rest of our menu, don't hesitate to reach out to us today.