Lazy Daisy's Cafe story about us

Lazy Beginnings

When I was a kid, spending summers on the family farm in Midhurst, Ontario meant getting up early to help my Uncle Howard milk the cows. When the outdoor work was done, I’d help my grandma bake. The front door was always open and neighbours and friends would pop by for a chat and something delicious to eat.

She was a brown and white Guernsey who like to lay around and chew the cud. I spent a lot of hot summer afternoons nestled in the crook of an apple tree reading, while Daisy rested in the shade beneath me, swatting flies with her tail.

When the work was done we'd enjoy a glass or two of milk with one of grandma’s famous oatmeal chocolate chip cookies or a butter tart. I remember friends n’ neighbours always dropping by for a chat (and to tuck into grandma’s legendary home baking).

I wanted to bring the spirit of our farm to the city: farm
fresh vegetables, locally sourced and seasonal, the meats naturally raised, drug & hormone free, our pastries all handmade with only real ingredients, no nitrates or preservatives.

We know that when you visit Lazy Daisy's Café or enjoy our biscuits in your own home, that you’ll be creating fresh baked, memorable moments for you and your loved ones.

X Dawn