Our Suppliers

At Lazy Daisy’s, we believe in keeping it local.
That’s why we get so many of our products from these local suppliers:


Aangen is a non-profit organization that proposes to facilitate independence and cause community. They also aim to provide personalized emergency relief to those in disadvantaged life situations, by providingunconditional support and wraparound services. We receive free-run eggs
from small flock farmers from Aangen.

Fresh From the Farm

Tim and Jacqui work with Mennonite farmers in the Kitchener/Waterloo region, bringing fresh produce, meats, cheese, and dairy to the city. They have been voted 'Best natural food market' by Now Magazine and praised as "the most unique grocery store in the city" by the Toronto Star. We are proud to offer their smoked bacon, aged cheddar and fresh apple cider on our menu!

Gemaro Bakery

Better than Gluten-Free, they are Allergen-Free!

Freshly hand-crafted Artisan Bread and quiches delivered straight from the ovens to our doorsteps.  All of Gemaro’s baked goods are natural & preservative-free! Baked from scratch to order with carefully selected, wholesome & local ingredients.

Genuine Tea

Lovers of tea and lovers of adventure, David & Sarah travel the world in search of premium loose leaf teas. These young globe trotters met in 2008 at a ski resort in British Columbia - Sarah, a Canadian and Dave, an English gentleman. Being a Brit, Dave drank his cuppas on the regular and Sarah soon became a tea addict too.. Together they spent nearly 5 amazing years in Taiwan, studying Mandarin and discovering the wonders of hand-crafted artisan teas. After several visits to plantations across Asia and a wealth of tea knowledge under their belts,
they returned to Canada with a simple dream - to share their love of tea and adventure with others.

De Mello Coffee Roasters

Based in Toronto, De Mello roasts all of their beans in-house, with a wide variety of flavour profiles that appeal to a range of brewing preferences. An award-winning roastery, they maintain a consistent roster of producers from around the world, offering economic stability and peace of mind to passionate farmers in an industry where ethical and sustainable sourcing is of the utmost importance.

De Mello is committed to becoming a force of positive change in the specialty coffee industry for years to come, through growth, sustainable goals, and consistent partners (like us!).

Sanagan's Meat Locker

We are proud to offer meats from Sanagan’s Meat Locker, consistently voted among Toronto’s best butchers, and conveniently located next door! Sanagan’s focuses on sourcing their products form local farms, with an emphasis on hormone-free meats. Try their homemade chorizo in our breakfast burrito, or roasted chicken breast in a Farmer’s Club!