Best Breakfast in Toronto: Daisy’s Staff Reveal Their FAVE Menu Picks

May 16 2023 – Dawn Chapman

Best Breakfast in Toronto: Daisy’s Staff Reveal Their FAVE Menu Picks
Best Breakfast in Toronto: Daisy’s Staff Reveal Their FAVE Menu Picks

At Lazy Daisy's, we're renowned for having the best brunch in Toronto. As one of the top Toronto brunch spots, you can find a range of options including classic brunch items, comfort food dishes, and breakfast sandwiches on our menu.

With such an extensive menu, we understand why choosing a brunch item may be challenging. To help you out, we asked our staff to let us know their favourite dishes to share with you.

So, if you are looking for a few recommendations? Well, we’ve got you covered! While it’s hard to go wrong with any of Lazy Daisy’s delicious local, farm-fresh, and handmade dishes, our staff have a few personal favourites they’re willing to let you know about below.

Taya, Head Baker: A Classic Grilled Cheese with Mennonite Smoked Bacon

Taya is our intrepid Head Baker. Those delicious buttermilk biscuits you know and love? Well, Taya spends her days creating them just for you! But what is her favourite dish to dig into here at Lazy Daisy's Cafe?

For the best brunch in Toronto, Taya goes for our Classic Grilled Cheese on sourdough with Mennonite smoked bacon. And to add to the decadence of her weekend brunch, she grabs a caramel iced latte as her drink of choice!

Why not grab one of our Classic Grilled Cheese Today? There's a reason Taya and so many others absolutely love them!

Vera: Farmer's Club on Sourdough

You'll find Vera rockin' the grill on weekends and baking up batches of our delectable butter tarts and cookies. When she's getting hungry she tucks into our delicious Farmer's Club on Sourdough with a side o' perfectly spiced fries.

Our Farmer's Club is a favourite of our customers in Toronto. We stack three slices of Mennonite smoked bacon on sourdough with roast chicken breast, fresh greens, aged white cheddar, and homemade garlic mayo.

Why not try out a new brunch spot in Toronto this weekend? Come down to Lazy Daisy's Cafe and pick up a Farmer’s Club for brunch!

Kelvey: Hi' Rise Breakfast Sandwich


Daisy’s is famous for its award-winning breakfast sandwich. In fact, many say we make the best breakfast sandwiches in Toronto which is what makes Lazy Daisy’s a popular breakfast spot for many.

Kelvey revealed she totally digs the Hi' Rise Breakfast sandwich. It's a double-decker: two eggs, baby leaf spinach, aged white cheddar, Mennonite smoked bacon, tomato, avocado and garlic mayo all stacked on Daisy's handmade buttermilk biscuit.

Check out our entire range of breakfast sandwiches and start the day off right with a Hi’Rise today!

Melody: The Mother Clucker

All hail The Mother Clucker!

Since we started making our own fried chicken sandwiches with our unique set of spices, Melody (and a whole lot o’ people) have ranked this Sammy as their Number 1. It's been said the combo of sweet honey butter with a tang of homemade pickles and spicy chicken on our buttermilk biscuit is unbeatable.

This sandwich showcases all of the fantastic local produce we source here at Lazy Daisy's. We're all about finding naturally-reared meats and farm-fresh veg, and we're committed to supporting other small businesses in the area.

Why not satiate your hunger with this delicious sandwich and find out why the Mother Clucker is so popular today?

Can I Grab These Staff Faves for Takeout?

Yes! You'll be pleased to hear that everything we have discussed here today, and everything else on our menu can be ordered to take away. It can also be ordered via the OrderUp and Ritual apps, as well as by phone for pick up and delivery.

We want to make sure that you can enjoy Daisy's homemade breakfast and brunch options no matter where you are. Whether you've got time for a chilled-out morning in the cafe, or you're grabbing lunch on the go; Lazy Daisy's is here for you!

Lazy Daisy's Staff Picks: A Summary

So, there you have it.

Which one will become your new must-have favourite when you visit Lazy Daisy's for weekend brunch? We know it won’t be easy to choose but you're sure to enjoy every bite as you taste-test each dish on our delectable menu. And don’t stop with just these recommendations–Lazy Daisy’s menu has lots more to discover!

We offer some of the best breakfast and brunch in Toronto, and it's not just us saying that! We've been named one of Toronto's Best Brunch Restaurants for good reason!

You may find your own personal favourite is the Breakfast Burrito paired with our unique coffee blend from DeMello or Lazy Daisy’s classic Mac and cheese and an iced chai latte.

So, why not dig in and live life deliciously with Daisy’s?

Looking for the Best Breakfast and Brunch in Toronto? Check Out Lazy Daisy's Today!

If it's the best brunch in Toronto that you're looking for, you've found it! Here at Lazy Daisy's, we're proud to offer an extensive range of homemade breakfast and brunch dishes. We use locally sourced produce and support other local businesses in the area.

For more information, get in touch with us today, or check out our menu online to find a dish you love!