Best Breakfast and Brunch Roncesvalles

We believe in real food.

Daisy kicks additives and preservatives to the curb and embraces quality ingredients we are proud to bake with and serve.

Daisy wants every delicious bite you take to inspire a little happy dance. (or a big happy dance, just don’t knock over your coffee!).


We believe in community.

Lazy Daisy’s Café provides a home away from home with a warm n’ welcoming vibe for both guests and our team.


We believe that all can achieve a state of biscuit bliss.

Definition:Biscuit Bliss: A form of baking nirvana. That feeling when you open the oven and you inhale the scent of fresh baked, buttery biscuit goodness.

The feeling when your family cheers when you tell them you just baked them a treat and you lay Daisy’s biscuits on the table.

You don’t need to scale a Himilayan peak or bend your legs around your neck; All you need is oven, a baking tray and thirty minutes to achieve a state of biscuit bliss.