What Is Brunch? Let’s break it down.

August 29 2022 – Dawn Chapman

What Is Brunch? Let’s break it down.
What Is Brunch? Let’s break it down.

If you've ever been to a brunch, you know it is an unforgettable culinary experience. However, many people do not know what a brunch is. They think it is just a breakfast and lunch combined, but there is more to it.

So, what is a brunch? In this article, you will learn what a brunch entails, including what to make for brunch at home.

What Is a Brunch?

The word ‘brunch’ is essentially a portmanteau of breakfast and lunch which encompasses breakfast and lunch items, usually served buffet-style. One reason for brunch’s popularity is that it offers an excellent opportunity to mix things up. 

You can have eggs for one meal and pancakes for another. It can be a perfect excuse to eat sausage and bacon in the morning. While brunch menus vary, they usually include waffles, pancakes, bacon strips, egg dishes, and fruit salads.

Popular brunch drinks include mimosas and caesars. If you are looking for a new culinary adventure, give brunch a try, and you won’t regret it. You can enjoy brunch at a restaurant or at home with friends and family. 

Brunch Buffet Menu Ideas

You cannot run out of options when it comes to brunch foods. However, a classic brunch menu should leave your guests asking for more. So, what does a good brunch menu consist of?

Start by creating a list of your favorite breakfast and lunch dishes. Any combination of these dishes would make for a great brunch. Furthermore, a good brunch menu is incomplete without a brunch dessert. Scrambled eggs, french toast, buttermilk pancakes, steamed asparagus with hollandaise sauce, fruit salad….what are your faves?

Also consider adding some of your favorite sweets to the menu. Your menu should strike the perfect balance of sweet and savory. For every fruit-forward, sugar-dusted pastry, you should offer a dish heavy on vegetables, eggs, and some spice. 

In addition, a good brunch menu should contain a healthy blend of foods traditionally served for breakfast and those traditionally served for lunch. Since people’s preferences vary, it would be best if you offer a bit of everything.

When creating a brunch menu, check with your guests to find out if they have any allergies or dietary restrictions. If you find creating a brunch menu challenging, you can involve your guests. 

Ask each guest to come with their favorite brunch dish. Not sure what to bring? Order Lazy Daisy’s Famous Bake At Home Buttermilk Biscuits!  Lazy Daisy’s makes the number one breakfast sandwich in Toronto and bringing these biscuits to brunch will make you very popular with friends and family. 

Final Thoughts 

What is a brunch? It is a cross between breakfast and lunch; you can enjoy it at home or a restaurant.

Now that you know what a brunch is about, you can try treating a few friends to a brunch at home. Browse online for plenty of brunch menu ideas to inspire you. 

If you have no time to prepare a brunch, don’t worry. Lazy Daisy’s Café has you covered!  Visit us in person at 1515 Gerrard Street East and check out our website or call us at (647) 341-4070 for an award-winning brunch in Toronto, ON.