How to throw a great brunch gathering

January 30 2024 – Dawn Chapman

How to throw a great brunch gathering
How to throw a great brunch gathering

Throwing a brunch gathering or party can be a fun and exciting way to entertain friends and family, especially on a Family Day long weekend. It provides a perfect opportunity to enjoy delicious food and drinks while socializing with loved ones, and is fantastic for those who prefer day-time events. Here are some simple tips to help you throw a great brunch: 

1 - Plan your menu in advance 

One of the most important aspects of a brunch party is the food (obviously - yum!). You want to make sure that you have a variety of dishes to offer your guests, so try to plan out your menu in advance. Consider including both sweet and savory options, such as eggs, bacon, pancakes, fruit or buttermilk biscuits. You can also have a DIY station, such as a biscuit bar where guests can customize their own creations and add toppings like jam, cream cheese, honey etc. Since I’m all about keeping things simple, and know that you’d most likely rather spend time socializing and eating than cooking and baking, may I suggest you grab a bag or two of our Bake-At-Home Buttermilk Biscuits, ready in 30 minutes, in a 350 degree oven or in the air fryer at 400, in 20 minutes! Don’t worry, it will be our little secret 🤫 You can also always make your brunch a pot-luck, and have everyone bring a different dish or drink.

Not in the mood to cook? Don’t worry, we got you! Lazy Daisy’s is now catering! We have an amazing selection of brunch items including carafes of our delicious De Mello coffee – two bite biscuits, breakfast sandwiches, sweets, fruit and croissant platters to name just a few of the fabulous things we can deliver straight to your door!


Contact: for our catering menu and pricing. 

2 - Set the scene 

Creating a welcoming and inviting atmosphere is key to throwing a successful brunch gathering. Consider setting up a table or buffet with colorful linens and fresh flowers (Daisies perhaps?). You can also add some ambiance with music and lighting. For those spring and summer outdoor brunch get-togethers, make sure to provide plenty of shade and comfortable seating.  

3 - Don't forget the drinks 

Brunch is not complete without some delicious drinks. Offer a variety of options, such as coffee, tea, juice, and of course, mimosas. You can also create a signature cocktail or mocktail to serve to your guests.  

4 - Get creative with your serving dishes

Presentation is important when it comes to food, so consider getting creative with your serving dishes and plates. Use cake stands, tiered trays, and colorful bowls to display your dishes in an appealing way. You can also label each dish so that guests know what they're eating (this is especially important if you have guests with food sensitivities, allergies or varied dietary preferences).  

5 - Make sure to have enough food and drinks 

Imagine running out of food or beverages (like coffee, OMG) during a brunch event!? This might be my biggest nightmare! Make sure to have enough of everything to feed all of your guests. This is where our fully baked biscuits might come in handy, like our variety pack - just warm through and serve - whew, brunch crisis averted! Consider asking guests to RSVP in advance so that you can plan accordingly and ask ahead if there are any dietary restrictions so you can accommodate.  

6 - Offer some activities 

Brunch is a social event, so consider offering some activities to keep your guests entertained. In the warmer months, you can set up lawn games, such as cornhole or bocce ball, or offer a craft station where guests can make their own flower crowns or other DIY projects (those with kids will love you for it!). In the cooler months, you can play some classic games like charades, karaoke or treasure hunts (this one is great fun for kids and adults alike).  

7 - Clean up as you go 

Cleaning up after a party can be overwhelming, so make sure to clean up as you go. This will help keep your space organized and prevent a big mess at the end of the party, which can be super overwhelming . Consider setting up a designated area for dirty dishes and trash.  

Throwing a great brunch gathering is all about planning ahead and creating a welcoming atmosphere for your guests, and above all else, serving up some suer tasty food! Trust me, we’ve been perfecting brunches at Lazy Daisy’s since 2011, so we know a thing or two about great brunches! But, we also know that sometimes we can get a little lazy on a weekend...and for those days, I say, come on over to Lazy Daisy’s Cafe and enjoy a delicious brunch with family and friends. No planning, cooking, baking or cleaning required - just a good time, with good food!